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Hakoni House

Kanca Mevkii Kanca Küme Evler No:34

Gürsu Köyü, Fındıklı, Rize

Phone & Whatsapp Business: +90 (850) 441 2456

+90 (533) 067 19 37




There are several ways you can reach Hakoni House!

If you're traveling by plane:

  • fly to Trabzon International Airport, then either rent a car or take a cab directly to Hakoni House. Or you can also take the Havaş bus to Fındıklı, where you can get a cab to the House or we can arrange a car to pick you up for an extra fee. (It usually takes around 2 hours from the airport to the House)

*Soon, we will have Rize's own international airport and your journey will be cut short to only 30-40 minutes to the House!

If you've decided to take a roadtrip and are driving to Hakoni House:

  • Our location pin on Google Maps usually gives the accurate route to the House, depending on where you're coming from. Once you've reached the Black Sea coast, you need to drive on the motorway all the way to Fındıklı. Upon arrival at Fındıklı city center, you'll need to follow the Arılı River for the rest of the way, towards the village areas up the valley until you reach Gürsu Köyü. You'll see our roadsigns along the village road to keep you informed and safe throughout your journey.

If you face any navigational problems, you can always reach us at our Whatsapp Business and request a location pin. We'd love to assist you!

Hakoni House is located approximately 11 km inland from the Black Sea coast.

See you soon :)

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