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At Hakoni House, we offer a myriad of services for different types of groups and special events. All you have to do is contact us via phone or email, tell us the details of your event and reserve your group's spot beforehand!



Yoga & Meditation Camps

What better location to dig deeper into your spiritual journey than a place surrounded by greenery, the Kaçkar Mountains and the everlasting sound of the creek? Our House accommodates indoor and outdoor spaces perfect for a group yoga retreat!


Artist Residencies

We believe art truly springs from the way we view and understand mother nature. Creating a calm and inspiring space for artistic expression and supporting fellow artists is at the heart of our mission. We offer several opportunities for artists from all disciplines and backgrounds to stay at the House to get inspired and work on their projects.


Custom Group Events

We offer special group events like private parties which can be custom made according to specific needs and wishes! Just give us a call or shoot us an email with the details of your desired group event and we'll do our best to help you.


Company Retreats

We offer the perfect combination of work, play, rest and repeat here at the House. A company retreat is a great way to bond and refresh the team dynamic. Plus, we have the perfect conference space for a productive work environment.


Youth Camps

Young people need nature to be nurtured. And we need young people to stay fresh and up to date! We provide accommodation and services for education and adventure camps suited for children and youth.

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