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outdoor adventures

The best part about visiting the Black Sea is that whatever you do, you are always in nature! Whether you're hiking through the forest, water-rafting with your buddies, discovering secret spots along the river to have a private picnic, you get to see and experience mother nature everywhere you go.

We made a quick list of close-by outdoor activities you could try out during your stay at the Hakoni House:

  • go down to the river just below the House and hang out with your buddies in front of your own bonfire by the giant ship-looking rock!

  • cross the bridge to the other side of the river and hike through beautiful trails

  • take a leap of faith and jump into the famous creek HacıMehmet, just 10 minutes away from the House (we promise the cold water will take your breath away)

  • Visit Fındıklı's famous Çağlayan Valley and have a cup of coffee across the historical Stone Bridge!

  • join the locals and learn how to collect tea leaves if you're up for some arm workout

  • visit Goloskur, one of the closest highlands to the House, to get a great view of the entire valley

stay In & get cozy

Though we urge our guests to go out and meet the locals, spend time in nature, and experience the exciting life outside the House, we oppose the idea that one should feel the need to fill in their vacation days with big crazy adventures all the time. If you're here at the Hakoni House to rest, rewind and refresh, or if you're just feeling lazy on a rainy day, there is plenty of stuff to do in and around the House. 


Here are some things we thought you might enjoy:​

  • energize your body with some exercise; our recreation room has the best view and energy for yoga, pilates, tai chi, meditation or any other exercise you enjoy

  • energize your mind with a game of chess, cards and other board games we provide here at the House

  • choose from our wide selection of books in the library and get reading!

  • grab a drink and hang out in front of the fireplace with your family and friends :)

  • showcase your musical talents on our piano, we'd love to hear you play!

the magnificent peaks

And the magnificent peaks. The highlands Blacksea is most famous for... We offer the opportunity to experience an emotional and a physical high that will reach up to 3000 meters in altitude! Witnessing the change in air pressure, flora and climate as you go up through the rocky off-roads will leave you breathless, literally.  


Our VIP tours will take you all the way up to the highlands where our locals practice transhumance during the summer. You will not only get to see the incredible Kaçkar Mountains up close and meet the other habitants, but also hike through trails and climb peaks to the most amazing views you'll ever see. You might even get to jump into the 4°C lake if you dare! 

Plus, you can book our mountain lodges located as high as 2300 meters in altitude for a private getaway!

For more information about our VIP tours and bookings, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you. 


Though we value and promote local interactions and experiences, we also urge our guests to discover the cultural and historical significance of touristic spots and excursions. They hold valuable information into our pasts and ancestral history, which shape how local communities are formed in today's world.

So, here is a list of more touristic activities you might enjoy:

  • visit the Ayder Plateau, located in Çamlıhemşin district of Rize, and admire its natural beauty

  • climb to the medieval castle Zilkale, located in Çamlıhemşin district of Rize, and learn about its historical background

  • visit the incredible Karagöl, located in Borçka district of Artvin, and hike through the natural park's cinematic atmosphere!

  • swim under the Mençuna and Maral Fountains of Artvin!

  • visit the famous highlands of Rize and Artvin, such as Pokut (Çamlıhemşin) and Sahara (Şavşat)

  • visit the Sumela Monastery, located in Maçka district of Trabzon (a true remarkable wonder, dating back to 13th century!)

  • take a day trip to Batum, Georgia (the journey is only 1 h 15 min long from the House!) 

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